ActiveNWI Solution

ActiveNWI provides a platform for online registration and payment for programs and events.

ActiveNWI was developed using re-usable components included in NGS*Portal Framework by Next Generation Solutions, Ltd. If you are interested in having your own online registration and payment website for your organization or community, feel free to contact us HERE .

Features for Providers

  • No expensive software to purchase with licensing and recurring yearly support fees
  • Your programs and events are published in our regional search engine
  • Provider landing (home) page:
    • Information about provider
    • Secure feedback page
    • Frequently asked questions
    • News
    • Provider specific category search
    • Provider specific keyword search
    • Provider specific event directory
    • Provider specific statistics (popular programs by # of registrations or search engine hits)
    • Category/keyword search engine and event directory embedding Click HERE for MORE INFO
  • Program Management:
    • Assign program categories (age group, program type, program group)
    • Set program location (adds mapping functionality on searches)
    • Set program start and end date
    • Set registration start and stop
    • Set cancellation deadline
    • Set residential and non-residential fee (or member vs non-member)
    • Set rule-based discounts
    • Set min/max enrollment
    • Set low seats threshold (generates optional email notification when threshold is reached)
    • Set min/max age requirement
    • Maintain and assign program waivers, terms and conditions
  • Ecommerce features:
    • Accept major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express)
    • Accept electronic checks
    • Low transaction fees
    • Collect 100% of the program fee and pass the transaction fee on to the consumer, OR
    • Collect the program fee less the low transaction fee
    • 3 to 5 days funds settlement (funds wired directly to provider bank account)
    • Access to payment processor virtual terminal
    • Click HERE for our SERVICE PLANS
  • Walk-in Registration:
    • Accept credit cards, electronic checks, cash and checks in your office
    • Look up past participants
    • Optional credit card reader integration
  • Daily Receipts Reporting
  • Daily Registration Reporting
  • Roster Reporting and Management
  • Overbooking Protection (ability to automatically stop taking registrations when program becomes full)
  • External linking (ability to link to specific program or event directly from your own website, i.e. "Click here to register online")
  • Optional integration with Twitter - automatic "tweet" any time new program is added to our search engine. Use your own Twitter account or ours (or both).
  • Team oriented registrations (register team and then register individual players)
  • Twitter integration (have your newly added programs posted automatically on your Twitter profile)

Features for Participants

  • Category Search
  • Keyword Search
  • Calendar Search and Google Calendar integration
  • Easy to use Sign up process:
    • Subscriptions
    • Access to secure area of the website
  • Easy to use Registration process:
    • Register multiple participants for multiple programs within single transaction (all programs must be within the same provider)
    • Quick data entry for subsequent transactions. Registration information pre-populated from past transactions
  • My programs view:
    • View current and historical registrations
    • Cancel out of programs (subject to provider's cancellation policy)
  • My charges view:
    • Reprint receipts
    • View historical transactions

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